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Double Drabble inspired by this pic. Major Character Death.

Three weeks after Heyes' funeral, Jed was still trying to get used to his new reality of being the surviving member of a life long partnership, he doubted he'd ever succeed.

Sitting on a rocking chair on the porch of their long shared cabin, he glanced over, as the empty one beside him, creaked in the wind, before his eyes went back to the precious paper on his lap. Photographs.

The first, the one of him, Heyes and Clem, once a source of frustration, now a happy reminder of those now lost to him. The second pictured them on the day their amnesty had come through. The final one, had been taken less than nine months ago, on the occasion of Heyes' eightieth birthday. Each brought their own comfort, pictures from a life lived in a way that had left him few regrets. Even the lack of a wife or children had left him less disappointed than he would have expected.

He and Heyes had enjoyed being honorary uncles to Lom and Caroline's brood as well as Clem's numerous offspring. And the new generation were thriving, with Lom's eldest grandson visiting just next week with his wife and new baby.

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