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'Newspaper' to accompany my latest story 'In Too Deep'

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

James Coulson

Fuller Gang Captured

Enterprising Chrysler Sheriff, Thomas Jackson, riding out with several townsfolk managed to successfully capture the Fuller outfit on Friday.

The vicious band of criminals had been robbing their way through Colorado and Arizona, at times leaving both widows and orphans in their wake.

Their notoriously violent leader Milton Fuller was fatally wounded in his attempt to escape. It is unlikely that he will be mourned by anyone.

A thorough search of the area after the unfortunate criminals were safely locked up, eventually uncovered the money stolen by the Markham Gang just days earlier.

As a result, the Sheriff was firm in his belief that the man who’d fled the carnage was in fact the sole escapee of that robbery and had likely been a prisoner of Fuller and his cohorts.

Jackson was certain he would’ve already paid a very painful price and would be unlikely to survive for long out in the wilds.

The arrest of two such notorious outlaw gangs must surely serve as a warning to anyone thinking of turning to a life of robbing banks and trains.

Chrysler City s happily celebrating the return of money stolen by the Markham Gang. The town’s sheriff is now guaranteed a lifetime of re-election with his master stroke of capturing two gangs in less than a week. The townsfolk will not only benefit from the return of the stolen cash but will also find the rewards on the captured men a great boon for their rapidly growing community. There is already talk of paying the highly competent lawman a better wage, finding money to fund at least two deputies, as well as making much needed improvements to the schoolhouse, town hall and main street.

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