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Recap not the weekend! Miracle at Santa Marta

Aww the boys are so cute, just a mooching round, eating snacks and being normal folk. Adorable.

That horse is pretty, but isn't a thoroughbred. (we're not total idiots you know producers!)

I love Heyes examining that colt so thoroughly and Kid petting Hyperia. (Smart, handsome, practical and funny- swoon- oh okay Heyes isn't bad either.) Seriously though I like how this shows the boys as knowing their horses.

I love the glee of the boys watching the race, so excited when she wins.

Damn being a poor loser is not an attractive character trait Mr Bleaker! He is an asshat, I do like Rolf Hanley though.

The looks between the guys in this scene are wonderful, really liked this part.

I love how seemingly respectful the Kid is when he's being incredibly rude- f***k you ass**** rarely sounds so polite. LOL.

The whole section from when the Kid walks in to the money part just makes me smile and go aww. They're just adorable and the whole part is suffused with so much warmth and affection. Kid puzzlement at Heyes not wanting an easy job, Heyes' glee at the poor poker playing. Just wonderful.

Oops, poor coach, at least it woke the Kid up!

(That cantina scene is so not cliched Mexican, no siree not at all.)

Senor Cordoba, the Alcalde, is charming and carries off an outfit that not many men could. I love the expression on the Kid's face when he says 'chief of police.'

And his comment about being checked out, charmingly.

(People playing music that close to me while I ate would make me twitchy! Urgh...)

Oh I do like a shaving man!

"No Comprendo' (guns aimed) "Now that I understand."

Funny boy-lol.

"My pistol has always been cleaned recently."

(Oh dear me. Tells self firmly "Oh girl, get your mind outta the gutter." Hmm nope didn't work- snorts.)

Retired, used to be in banking and railroads. (giggle)

Oh poor Kid, in some ways Alcalde Cordoba is a bit of an idiot. Surely its fairly clear that Mr Jones does not have a clue about how his employer was murdered. Its hard to be that clueless and be guilty.

Logical my ass (pfft, Mr Spock would have something to say about that!)

All right, I know circumstantial evidence is pretty strong, but seriously? LOL. ( Kid maybe in need of Perry Mason! Though I guess Sherlock Heyes will have to do!)

Love the wordy telegraph Kid sends his partner! Bring money-lol.

Would Heyes have ignored Meg the whole trip had she not been widowed?

Snorts- he's staying at the local jail. (nice one and well delivered.)

I love the amount of faith the Kid has in his partner- its touching and sweet. Aww, they are so squishable today.

When the Alcalde says he looks young to be retired, the look Heyes throws Kid and his answering shrug make me giggle.

"No, but if you decide to arrest me, I'll try and think of someone."

I love Heyes' delivery and just how frustrated he is.

Criminal face? (Oh Kid....)

Snorts the Kid is so funny! "Anything." Heyes looking a tad worried and Kid asking what is it? Rather belatedly. Oh so many glances, cuteness overload!

Turner is an ass!

"He's not smart enough to be a fantastic liar." (Ouch, Kid-lol),

"You can't get there from Santa Marta."

On fire today!

"Maybe I was fishing." (yes. dear that much was obvious.)

Hmm, she has a point about not necessarily knowing Rolf Hanley.

Oops, duck boys!

(I do like how Heyes pulls Kid out of the way.)

Kid must be rattled! The shot that holed his hat was actually the second one! Ooh, Heyes is cross!

"Nobody likes a nuisance." (Oh Heyes, you're funny!)

"He's very convincing on that subject!" (Aww, Kid.)

Mrs Hanley is tough and the Kid is more polite than perhaps she deserves! I like her though.

Hmm, Margaret Carruthers is lying, not very well either.

Meg Parker is hiding something. LOL.

What is Kid looking at when he's riding with Mrs Hanley?

(Aww poor boy back in jail. Heyes is furious.)

Two hour trial is terrible!

Oh those poor boys, woo a glimmer of hope

Aww, poor Kid, seeing himself getting shot. Sniff. I think I'd have taken the blindfold. I love the shot of the Kid looking out the cell window with those shadows on his face. Such a well composed camera shot.

Yup, Heyes, when all else fails, try emotional blackmail.

Mrs Hanley I do like you, but its not very smart confronting a person you suspect to be lying and possibly even a murderer by yourself!

Ooh, Heyes to the rescue! Very nice!

Oh Miss Carruthers, liar, liar bums on fire. Bribery rather than blackmail!

Aww, poor Kid, think he'd given up, so I can forgive him his 'dumb' moment of yelling 'Heyes.'

Enquiring minds want to know how Rolf knew Elizabeth Carter if her ma ran a bordello! (what?)

Aww Mrs Hanley, sweetheart!

I really really enjoyed this episode!

Wonderful warmth and affection between the partners.

Great performances all round.

Reasonable story line!

Yep, this was in IMO a very good one!

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Aug 16, 2023

I loved your recap of Santa Marta. Yep they both looked adorable. Great episode.

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