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RECAP Saturday!

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

'Never Trust an Honest Man'

I adore that above scene!

"You awake?"

"No I'm not."

Kid's expression, Heyes' expression, Heyes placing his hand on Kid's leg. The conversation. So wonderful!

They sure look pretty playing poker though.

Nice scenic shots. 100 chips a penny. Love their exchange of looks. Kid slow to smile on the robbing trains comment! LOL. Looking nervous there son!

(Oh be still my raging hormones! Kid sure does strut nicely.)

Heyes' expression, the comment on the bible. Snorts.

"We're rich!"

"Like my dear old mom used to say..."

"Your mother was a crook."

"Hunt us down like dogs." Oh, Kid...such an optimist!

Why is the same actor playing both Harlijens?

Hmm, Heyes doesn't have much in his bag.

Beautiful sunset.


"In what?"


Snorts too funny. Process of elimination. Oh Heyes....

"Anyway got the right floor."

"Getting to me."

"You're beginning to show an alarming lack of character. Get that bible over here." Snorts. Funny! Wonderful scene.

Interesting glance between Quirt and Christine.

LOL. Love the guys disappointment. $100 a piece sucks!

"Don't run off with the bottle."

Men of integrity huh?

Love that look Kid throws Heyes after he says that.

Why are all the rich folk asshats?

Love Kid's dark blue shirt.

Yikes, fake jewels- the boys are in trouble.

Alan is creepy.

Oh Logan is the walk off from the pilot.

Spiritual guidance- lol.

"Thou shalt not kill, lessen you have to."

"Breaking number 8 will put you in jail, breaking number 6 means they hang you."

Oh Preacher you're so cool!

I love Heyes' hair- damn did I just say that?

Preacher is a man of integrity.

"My sole remaining virtue such as it is."

Love that Heyes saved Preacher!

Okay so integrity is a tad strong! LOL.

I don't trust Quirt. good thing the boys don't either!

"Howdy, Heyes, Kid. Bless you boys."

"What hit him?"

"Left hand of God."

Snorts Preacher is great.

"Shock of it might make my finger twitch." Oh the way you say that!

The boys are so funny!

"Unfortunately Quirt is dead."

"We will?" Snorts, Kid....

"Why'd you have to sound so confident of yourself? Coulda said try."

"It was coming out sounding so good, couldn't help myself."

Heyes, Heyes....

Aww that scene is kinda sad. Poor Christine. Sins of our fathers.

The boys all togged up. Damn they never catch a break.

Admire a woman of principle.

Beautiful too.

Remuneration. This from the guy who didn't know what amnesty meant?

Oh Preacher-lol.

I'd have finished my drink before leaving...

We couldn't afford to take it.

That was a lot of fun enjoyed that. Boys look mighty fine. Great dialogue.

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