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Recap Weekend: Night of the Red Dog

Oh no is that Maurice I spy? Yuck.

Other than that carbuncle, the opening scene is perfect, comedy 'gold', excuse the poor excuse for a pun.

The guys trying to lift him, then the overacting youngster. And it finally taking all four of the men to carry him! So wonderfully amusing.

And Heyes' expression when they realise why he's so heavy! Snorts.

Kid's amusement and his line' “He's packing enough gold to start his own mint!”

Snorts very very funny. (Even willing to nearly ignore the no rhyme or reason part of the tag as it is such a great scene.)

"The one lying down with his eyes closed."

Heyes honestly does think (as do I) that the Doc is a twonk.

Poor Clarence. Aww, Kid being sweet to the old timer.

Heyes' expression is great! Exquisite smell the fart acting!

Snorts taking their hats off and he's sleeping- too funny.

Why would the undertaker not be included? Oh Chauncy you're a Grade A asshat.

Beautiful country, soothing music.

Natural Beauty.

"Good deal we hope to take with us." (oh Kid, not a romantic huh? Least not where money is concerned.)

Heyes and the Kid really do dislike good ole Doc.

Lol, Heyes. demented pixie dance is almost cute.

Snorts, did Heyes just insult his partner?

I think the Kid feels insulted!

Doc is an asshole. LOL.

I did like the Kid picking the Doc up on his different med schools. And noticing the horse.

Oh Clarence. "not even a little bit dead." Ninny is a mild insult. I am very glad Clarence is going to let them keep the gold.

Oh no who stole the gold? Poor boys.

"Must have been dogging it." LOL, oh Clarence. LOL.

Stole it....aww poor poor boys.

Oops, it snowed. (LOL, notice that I am making no comment on the Kid pulling on his pants no sirree, not a word. LOL.)

Talk about baiting. Doc STFU! LOL.

Ooh pretty stock shots.

Aww, Kid that's a nasty cough.. Ouch he fell heavy.

I love how Heyes' voice goes up a whole octave. "What's wrong with you?"

Ouch, Heyes surely pulls that stethoscope away with meaning. Snorts.

Poor Heyes really is worried. Bless.

Aww boys, you're adorable I love you. LOL.

"Don't have to use his ear tube to figure that out."

Nice one, Kid,

That hair, those giggles- sigh.....

Oh, the Kid gets to set up the con. Heyes as back up, cute.

Doc truly is a terrible gambler.

Pretty cowardly by nature.

Luck of the righteous.

(Uh huh boys, sure.)

Clarence, oh hush. Kid is almost impatient with the old timer.

Clarence is too too funny.

Aww Kid has still got a cough.

LOL, oh Kid you're wicked.

Here we go!

Nice one, Kid, I think even Heyes was impressed.

I do like that undertaker!

Oh no! Not again- poor boys..

"Don't think God meant for us to be rich." (aww Kid. So disconsolate.)

Kid sure looks lovely against that fireplace.

Lol, oh, boys, boys.

Where are your eyes Heyes?

Jason got robbed, oh what a shame!

"Naturally kind of dislike him."

Oh, dear, poor Doc.

Sad news?

LOL, Montana red dog- oops.

Hospital wing huh?

Snorts their faces. Oh, Kid.

That was fun.

Good episode.

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