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Recap Weekend: The Reformation of Harry Briscoe

I hope the boys are getting well-paid as that is really not one of their favourite jobs! (though to be honest, I'm not sure work of any sort is something they exactly embrace.)

Nice riding shots of the guys.

Oh and sweet mercy, that Kid butt shot. (What was I doing again? Oh yes, ahem- drags mind out of gutter and back to the task at hand.)

The guys are so funny talking to Sister Julia. Poor Kid especially gets a bad case of run off at the mouth. "I swear if you'd talked to her much longer, you'd have told her about the prices on our heads."

I notice Kid doesn't disagree. (From a fanfic writer's pov that information is wonderful. I'm guessing it's true due to the boys' discomfort over Kid revealing it.)

"If I yelled fire..." Their expressions are classic as is Heyes' response.

I do like how they help look for Isabel. Though Heyes' descriptive skills need some work. The guy they talk to is funny.

Oh it's Harry Briscoe. What trouble are you in now my weaselly little friend?

Is that the same dress as Helen's in The 5th Victim?

Harry is a lousy liar. The exchange of expressions between the boys is brilliant. Harry is truly hopeless and hapless.

Heyes line about them getting frustrated at watching poor poker players losing to each other is funny. Stupid really gets on his nerves!

I figure the cat house scenes and the saloon girl stuff is meant to be funny and add colour, but all those scenes are in my NSHO quite simply dumb and don't add much.

Molly's 'Irish' accent is appalling. "Jones is Irish?" (Oh, Kid, Kid, hush, you're not being good with the lying well thing today.)

Interesting commentary on the experience of Irish immigrants to the US though. The boys are a tad judgy given their own life choices.

I do like how uncomfortable Heyes is with turning Molly in. Guess he understands her pov.

Cute boys, looking cute while asleep. Heyes is so angry with how they're treating Miss Cusack. Nice side of him on show there.

"It's Smith, sweetheart." LOL Line there! Oops Kid's horse is trying to steal a scene or two again!

"Oh don't Harry, you'll just get yourself in more trouble."

"Like a lot of people, you're finding out a little too late."

How did Kid only get 16 with all those cards? Heyes' laugh is brilliant.

"We'd be left holding the noble bag." Another great line.

Edgy and nervous is a funny look on them!


Harry is great value as ever.

Fun Dialogue.

Kid's hair is dreamy.

Sister Julia is wonderful

Intrusive Music at times.

Molly is grating, terrible accent and unsympathetic

But Overall good fun.

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