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Recap Weekend:Six Strangers at Apache Springs

Oh boys looking awful pretty riding in on those horses.

"Quiet, peaceful."

"And no Sheriff's office."

(Nice one Heyes!)

"As little as possible."

Why does mad woman assume they're not too smart? Cow.

Smithers surely was checking them out as they walked up the stairs. A man of exquisite taste!

Mrs Fielding is a spoiled princess. I don't like her.

Heyes is very amused by the mad old bat. Kid is suspicious. I'm with the Kid. LOL. She is several sandwiches short of a picnic and I think she's in a whole other recipe like an almond cake or something, rather than a fruitcake.

I'm thinking Barney took a long walk off a short cliff to get away from his wife.

The guy's expressions are perfect though.

Heyes is funny, what about the gold? And the Kid is as mercenary as his partner. Too funny.

"Heyes, I wish you were that helpless."

"I'll drink to that."

(Snorts funny boys.)

Aww Kid- a cowlick and getting your southern on.

If that woman was any drippier she'd be drowning.

Heyes in the tub.

(Pin you to a Christmas tree! Look ya daft bat because it'll be the closest you'll ever get to seeing another naked man in your lifetime trust me! I look and he's not even my favourite.)

The boys stuffing their faces like they've not eaten in a week. LOL. Kid talking with his mouth full. Hmm, manners son!

Mrs Fielding is not a nice woman. I like her husband though.

I don't think you're selling Saturday to the princess boys....

(Kid sure is pretty in this episode.)

I do like how the boys seem to respect Mr Fielding.

(Who is/was Brigham Young?)

I think the Kid's planning skills need some work.

I love Heyes trying to whistle innocently.

Kid's hand on his back and practically shoving him up the hill always makes me laugh.

"No one has ever accused us of being too sensible now have they?"


(definitely not where money is concerned. Your brains get overloaded by the dollar signs in your eyes.)

Oh dear, bullets.

Lesser of two evils and run.

(best plan you've had all day, boys.)

Practical boys,

Brave, determined Mr Fielding.

Oh Caroline shut ya face.

"Key to that safe box."

(Aww, Kid, your hair....needs ruffling. Sigh.)

Oh Grace, you are such a drip!

Kid wearing his season one hat? (continuity what's that again?)

I know that brawl scene is a tad slapstick, but the guy's expressions

are perfectly pitched for the action and make me giggle.

Grace is painful and hopeless.

Go home little girl, just go home.

I find it interesting that Kid has listened to Evangelist preachers! By choice honestly?

I love that thinking expression on Heyes' face as he watches Kid and Grace.

"Too Gentle?"

Lets be honest Kid, she's so wet, she's leaving puddles of water behind her.

Mrs Fielding is a stuck up moo. Cow people? Bleugh.

I do love the dual conversations.

"As Mr Jones likes to say as little as possible."

"Not even one wife."

Heyes is almost brutal with her, puts her nicely in her place. Kid is as honest, but a little less brutal with Grace.

I do like that scene a lot.

Oh Grace, pull him in a woman for once in your life!

I like Kid looking out for the wimpy woo and not wanting any payment other than a gentle/innocent kiss. Kinda sweet if maybe a tad bossy-lol.

The boys surely are impressed with Edward's determination, as am I, wish his wife was.

That gambling/odds conversation is fun.

"I do like the pot."

"I like it when you worry."

Cute exchange.

Poor horse.

I bet Barney flung himself off his horse never mind fell.

"I don't have a gun and in Spanish your tongue isn't silver."

(The Kid surely has a rare talent for stating the obvious don't he?)

Mr Fielding to the rescue!

Man they look and sound shattered when they get back to the hotel.

Caroline is so loony she should be in an attic somewhere!

The Kid's magic kisses strike again. Be frivolous for goodness sake woman, might dry you out some!

Aww, so glad Edward is safe!

Oh Caroline you're a bitch.

Something restful, how about going down the Colorado River in a barrel?"


So much fun

Great character/comedy moments

Interesting guest characters

Fine Acting.

Pretty boys.


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