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Recap Weekend: The Pilot

This is the story of two pretty good bad men! Latter- Day Robin Hood's? More like larcenous wee beasties. (cute ones though.)

"Stand and Dee-liv-er."

(Yep, boys real smart! Introduce each other and don't disguise yourselves.)

Brooker 202, Heyes' Nemesis.

Lol, oh boys you are too cute!

You wanna be leader?"

"After you!"

(Oh man, that music burns my ears.)

Heyes' expression cracks me up when they're looking at why the dynamite didn't blow.

"Maybe like you don't know what you're doing."

"That kinda talk could ruin us."

I love Birdie Pickett- she is very very funny. And Kid is so offended. LOL.

"This safe ain't human!"

Wheat is kinda smart! (Wonderful clear tracks you're leaving there, Heyes sweetie.)

Okay I gotta wonder how those boys got their rep as being real smart.

"Short end of an hour left."

Kid is definitely tough in this. Doesn't stand none of Wheat's guff. I love Wheat.

"Coulda been a lot worse, coulda been my idea." Oh, Heyes, snort.

Boys what a vision you both are.

No, Lom it ain't a trick, they're just that hopeless. LOL.

"Wishin' you all the luck in the world."

Snarky, boys, snarky.

Argh, the amnesty conversation annoys me every time. Kid, you ain't that dumb!

Love them looking in the window.

"Howdy Lom!"

Oh that click! The Kid looks like a mischievous imp perching like that.

"Governor's gonna penalize us for excellence?" LOL.

Ooh the delightful Miss P!

Mr Smith and Mr Jones? (No reward for originality there Mr Trevors.)

Booker 404? Oh dear.

Love Heyes' chuckle.

I'd pick either one (funny boy Heyes.)

Aww Lom you're kinda sweet.

(fancy gun and belt Heyes is packing.)

Heyes and a safe, a real meeting of soulmates. LOL.

"A real safe, safe, Ma'am."

Wow they do not look happy leaving the bank!

Oh Kid, you're a smart ass, as is Heyes of course.

"Fill in some of those spaces with words."

Aww poor Kid, getting separation anxiety without his gun.

"Gave us wings and took away the sky."

I love the way Heyes looks at Kid as he says. "You..."

(So how come he knows the Kid and not Heyes?)

"My mother mostly."

I snorted just as Heyes snickered.

Oh the walk-off scene is just perfect. Kid's lethal, Heyes is sarky and worried.

"Okay we'll play it your way." (Such connection.)

"I've a big mouth."

Gah, you're an asshat walk-off driver person.

Poor Kid, Heyes looks a bit disturbed too. His expression is priceless as his partner stalks out.

Poor Heyes, zoning out on money. "I got green spots in front of my eyes."

That's my lethal boy! He is so cool. Wish we'd seen that two bullet trick again.

"Night boys."

"Well, we can sleep easy."

"All our troubles are over."

(Uh-huh, less you count the fact that your ex-gang just rode into town.)

Oh Wheat I love ya!

Sashay over to the teller. Hmm ain't nervous? Just a little warm huh? Well boys in the gang, you aren't in the least bit suspicious- no siree.

Wheat and Heyes...snorts.

"I don't need to read it. I wrote it."

"Howdy boys" I do love that click!

Well, Heyes' silver tongue, sure didn't convince Wheat. "They're fixing to rob the bank without us."

Not very gentlemanly Kid, dumping the lady to walk home on her own.

"About to get his head blowed off."

Such enthusiasm from the boys for being on the 'right' side of the law.

Love Wheat's tale of woe, guest starring Kyle. Though not sure the Kid entirely bought it....

Wheat is kinda smart.

Uh huh!

I love, love, love, Heyes' three act tragedy when they're in jail, and Kid just a rattling the keys.

"Real big heart, Heyes." Such sarcasm is so unbecoming, Kid. LOL.

So, let's get this straight. Heyes' grand plan is to traverse the town on a zip wire in full view of anyone looking up? What if they dropped the dynamite? Right, genius, uh huh. Run that by me again now?

How many dynamite sticks boys?

"May I remind you, we're dealing with a Brooker 404?"

Oh sorry Heyes, my mistake! Go right ahead.


Love their dazed expressions and Heyes putting Kid's hat on him.

"You all right?"

"I don't feel a thing."

"Awful good dynamite." Makes it sound like opium or liquor. LOL.

Snorts. they're funny.

Amazing how straight they shoot, given they've been about blowed up.


"What terms?"

"You, me and the governor."

Famous first words- and so it begins.

Gosh darnit, they're just plain adorable. I laughed most of the way through that!

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