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Recap Weekend: Twenty-One Days to Tenstrike

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Aww the boys look weary and fed up. Aww Kid talking to his horse.

Forty Three Cents (ouch.) Hmm hope the emergency isn't too desperate as sixty three cents won't get you far, Sunshine.

"Flip a coin to decide who eats it." (snorts)

"Only when we couldn't avoid it."

Hmm why is the Kid wearing his Season One hat?

Oh that's where Adam Cartwright vanished to! Pretty Wife.

I love the Kid not giving Heyes his money!

Uh- uh on a train huh?

Oops Ralph touched the Kid's murder button. I don't like Ralph.

Heyes you're so mean! Those bruises look painful

Snorts Heyes is too funny. "Only two days out. Got yourself beat up, made an enemy and the boss' wife batting her big brown eyes. Only nineteen days to go." He nearly got his head handed to him! LOL. That expression on the Kid's face. (snorfle.)

Aww way to make Kid really grumpy, don't feed him!

Poor Kid can't catch a break today.

Heyes is so not helping- too funny.

"I've got seven, the trick is to narrow it down to one." (Oh, Heyes-lol.)

Their expressions are so cute!

He's a wicked old gossip is Ole Gantry.

As if Mrs Tynan would risk everything for Ralph and Bud. (Kid and Heyes maybe, but not them.)

Kid has the funniest dreams. That whole exchange cracks me up. They're so serious! Like there is any doubt who'd win!

Ooh, Heyes, taking charge.

Hmm Jake!

LOL, the boys are cute visiting Gantry!

Snorts you're a miserable cynic!

Least they got paid!


Great Episode

Fun Dialogue

Kid looks stunning

I love, love that dream conversation

Good acting

Yep enjoyed this a lot.

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Aug 20, 2023

Lol yeah his laugh was so good. I missed a few points doing this recap as its so chock full of great moments. Thanks for taking the time to comment, on this one and last week's.


Aug 19, 2023

I agree with your summary on all points. Kid certainly found his way into trouble in this episode. Loved Heyes' laugh after saying 'and only 19 days to go.'

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