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ASJ-The Pilot

This episode is so so funny. It's full of much broader comedy than the series that followed. Earl Holliman IMO nearly runs away with the episode, although Dennis Fimple is a close second in the scene stealing stakes. Sorry boys :)

Wheat's plan to break into the safe is actually pretty clever. I also love how he soft soaps Heyes into seemingly believing his story about why they're staying in Porterville. The Walk-Off scene is perfection. The Kid's delivery and Heyes' reactions are so on point. I do wince a bit when Kid decides to do it Heyes' way, as you can see how much it's costing him to back down from the yahoo. That part reminds me of McCreedy Bust GGG, albeit with a more comedic twist.

Pete Duel's Heyes seems to be channelling James Garner's Bret Maverick. I had forgotten that the Kid is pretty darned intimidating when he wants to be.

Also Heyes deciding to rob the bank and not involve the gang out of his concern for their amnesty. Yeah sure Heyes I'm as convinced as the Kid.....

When they're in jail (briefly) as Heyes is mourning how they were done in by a friend, just as the Kid rattles the keys is cute beyond words!

Susan St James is good as the divine Miss P too. I know it's her typical slightly ditzy performance of that era, but she does it well.

Forrest Tucker as Deputy Harker Wilkins is so good! Such a great guest cast!

I think Heyes' character is better served by the later episodes, but he's still fun. IMO. aside from the hayseed accent, the Kid is good. He seems snarkier than I remember pre Roger Davis, but as I watch the episodes it might be that I misremembered, The chemistry between the two leads is magical.

I do wish we'd seen the two bullet trick again. The boys (especially the Kid) are so darned polite for outlaws! I also adore them dazed and dizzied by the excess of dynamite. They are both equally larcenous and you do see a glimpse of why they're so successful in the plan to rob the bank.

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