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Bushwhack Recap

I just love the opening scene. Kid just a ranting away and Heyes just a watching waiting for him to wind down. My husband does this LOL.

"You're too rigid!"

"Ready Kid?" Plonked his hat on his head. Made me laugh.

LOL desk clerk trying to persuade them to stay! Snorts. Kid's expression is so cute.

Snorts that conversation about being watched. Their expressions are funny. Also have to admit Heyes is right, time to move on!

Oh dear bushwhackers. Cold blooded murder is not good though. Hmm, don't trust him boys. He has an agenda that ain't gonna be good for you two!

Yikes, I knew it. Oh Marty you lie!

(Damn Kid, you're so pretty!)

"You go, naturally."

"How do we pick the victim?"

I like that Kid isn't serious about making Heyes go. Proper partnership!

Oh wow, Kid won a coin toss! (The fact Kid, then kinda spends rest of episode trying to get Heyes out of having to go amuses me.)

Big businesses trying to destroy small businesses! Some things don't never change.

$200 a week each? That sounds good to me!

"No, I'll try my luck with Montana!"

I love the dialogue, so good.

(The boys don't half end up rounding up a lot of cattle when it's probably like their second least favourite thing ever! Poor boys.)

"Yes, Sir, mighty clear!" I don't like that foreman!

(Oh boy, oh boy, Kid, I think I'm in love (again) you're amazing-LOL)

The plot of this is actually really tight and the acting top notch.

(If they're gonna use stock cattle footage, at least use the same damn cattle!)

Hmm, I wonder if Cress is in love with Ellie too?

Interesting that the boys have a solid knowledge of Wyoming cattle politics. Oh, and here we have an example of C19th gender roles!

“You keep guessing, we'll keep smiling."

I like Cress- also really like how Kid always pets his horses- very sweet.

Aww Marty and Ellie!

"You like being a cowboy as much as I do."

(Oh, Kid, you really are disgusted with hard work aren't you? Snorts.)

Marty is a bit of a chancer!

"If we ever decide to leave, we'll leave." Atta boy Kid!

"Legal flip of a coin."

"I'm a born sucker.." snorts- oh Kid you're funny

Wow, he won another toss! I love that innocent tone! "I didn't!"

Feel sorry for Ellie, but not sure I'm exactly sad about Marty's demise- not certain I liked him!

Stone me, that's some berserker gun skills you got there sunshine. Didn't even kill one of them, Amazing. (Phew, so darn hot-LOL.)

"You oughta see him when he gets really mad."

Aww, boys, you're snuggable!

"The day I can't outshoot anyone and anybody on that list, especially Hannibal Heyes is the day I go east and become a preacher." (Snorts- Kid.)

Montana sure looks like Wyoming, Arizona etc....

$400 at least Cress was honest and didn't try to stiff them!

Aww, look at that, Kid putting his hand on Heyes' shoulder.

Sweet Kid really knows his guns and love the way the guys communicate! And the boys look sad rather than triumphant. Great scene!

"You didn't tell her?" Kid looks real worried! Aww you boys!

"Things are getting lopsided."

"Meaning no offence, but I'd like to avoid any and all opportunities for you to even the score."

I really, really enjoyed that! Tight plot, good acting, warm banter, Kid looking just about perfect (LOL). Heyes2 stronger than some episodes, great resolution. Yeah now that was very good! LOL

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Jan 27

This was a really good episode. I agree with all of your comments. Amazing, so darn hot, totally agree with that. Of course he didn't kill anyone, just needed to warn them off.

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