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Drabbles and the pics that inspired them

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Post Prison Peace.

The Kid smiling in pleasure at the fiery blaze of colour surrounding him, heard footsteps, but didn't turn, recognising the wonderfully familiar sound of his partner.

“Here ya are, Kid, I thought you'd fallen down a badger hole or something, since you bin out here so long.”

The Kid far too content to even attempt a smart response simply replied softly. “Ain't it beautiful Heyes?” He continued to stare at the sight he'd dreamt of so often in prison.

Heyes laughed softly, squeezed his shoulder lightly before joining him on the fence to watch the colours fade into night.

Outlaw Days

Heyes and four of the gang headed quickly in one direction as the Kid with the rest following him, rode hell for leather in the other. The ten thousand dollar take had been split evenly between the two groups.

Heyes and his companions after finally losing the overly determined posse arrived back at Devil's Hole as the sun set. Heyes fired his gun and smiled in some satisfaction as his partner's head appeared out of the hidden entrance, his face wreathed in a broad smile. Heyes raised his hand in greeting before leading the others quickly up the stony path.

Amnesty Days

Back on the trail, riding in silence, because the fierce disappointment of yet another Governor change leaving them facing a further year of 'keeping out of trouble' meant even Heyes could find little to be positive about.

Then in front of them the sun rose and Heyes found himself smiling slightly and in an effort to lift both their spirits pointed at the beautiful dawn. “Well Kid, it's a new day and we ain't in prison yet.”

“That's the best you can come up with Heyes?” Though Heyes was relieved by the undercurrent of amusement in his partner's tone.

After Illness

After long days of soothing his partner out of vivid nightmares, and fighting to get his temperature down, as the sun set round him, an hour after Heyes' fever broke, Kid, breathing a sigh of relief, took the chance to tend to their horses.

"I bin worried 'bout him too, Clay. But his fever's broke and he's sleepin' now, so he'll be back annoyin' us with his chatterin' soon enough."

Kid laughed softly to himself, knowing exhaustion was making him prone to fancy, as he was sure he could hear relief in the horse's snuffling response to his soft tones.

Post Brimstone

Having finally left Briscoe and his train full of bloodthirsty Bannermen detectives behind them, Heyes suppressed a sigh as Kid slowed while they were looking to make an early camp. “We're bein' watched.”

“You sure you're not just spooked?”

“I ain't spooked. I got a real prickly feelin'.”

Heyes snorted. “That's cos you need a shave.” Despite his words, Heyes too peered into the setting sun.

He spied four riders with their hats raised and laughed, gently drawing his partner's attention to the sight. “Well you're right, Kid, but I'm figuring we ain't got much to worry about.”

Warning: Character Death

Gone but Never Forgotten

Three months after illness had taken his partner from him, Kid had been driven back to the wild country where he and Heyes had spent their lives before amnesty. Though they'd forged a good life in the years since, neither had married, so Heyes' loss weighed very heavy.

With the sun setting, he slowly rode past the mouth of a cave, and was suddenly wrapped in affectionate warmth, a feeling that he'd believed lost when he'd buried his friend.

Unsurprised, he felt Heyes all around him and heard his voice in the whisper of the wind. “See you soon, Kid.”

Overdue Partner

When Heyes' horse returned alone, as dawn broke, two days after he was supposed to be home, Kid was already on his way out to look for him. As the horses greeted each other, he bit his lip hard and gently urged them both back down the trail.

Heart thumping and with a sick feeling in his stomach, Kid frantically searched for his friend.

Five miles out of town, he was finally rewarded, when Heyes limping his way slowly towards him greeted him with a tired smile. “Had a run in with a rattler and got myself turned round some.”

Wheat and Kyle

“Iffin you're smarter than Heyes, than why don't we get as much cash since he and Kid have bin gone?"

Wheat sighed and interrupted his friend. “Just bidin' my time Kyle, till I hear 'bout that big score that'll set us up for life.”

“Iffin you say so.”

Wheat replied firmly “ Them boys is chasin' a pipe dream, seems they is always broke and neck deep in trouble! And we got ourselves a saddle bag full of money, sat here watchin' us a beautiful sunset with no one followin' us. That makes me smarter don't ya think?"

Cattle Driving

With a fiery sunset all around them Heyes and Kid were stuck chasing down the final stray dogie.

Kid swung his lariat, hoping he could capture the damn thing quickly. Maybe the beans they'd be served with on their return, would wipe the taste of the dust outta his mouth. Though with how much he'd swallowed today, he doubted it.

He and Heyes had never been fond of driving cattle, too hard on the back and far too poorly paid for the effort involved.

Lately though, with chasing amnesty, it often seemed to be the only job they could get.


When the sun set, in a blaze of burnt orange, the temperature also dropped significantly, making the air around him cold, so with a slight shiver, the Kid huddled in as near to the fire as he dared.

When his horse whinnied a little uneasily, he drew him in close too, very aware that he was as uncomfortable with the absence of his usual companion as Kid himself was.

There was no real cause for concern, as Heyes wasn’t overdue and neither expected trouble, but Kid admitted, if only to himself that he’d only truly relax on his partner’s return


Two months after amnesty, close on a year ago, he and Heyes had arrived in Silverado, ready to settle.

Caroline had caught his eye nearly on their first day, and now here they were, on the cusp of a future together.

She's amazing thought Kid, still not quite believing she was his. She smelt like roses and sandalwood and her smile was as bright as the sun that was just setting round them.

For all his confidence with women in the past, it was Heyes who'd persuaded him to just ask the damn question, as his mooning was getting annoying.

Injury Recovery

With the moon huge behind him, Heyes rode back to town, leading the beautiful horse he'd been gifted as thanks. Kid had been badly hurt saving a ranch owner's daughter from a runaway carriage.

It had originally appeared that the injuries could be permanent, but two weeks ago, Kid had turned a corner and since then, his rapid recovery had surprised everyone. And now they were leaving in three days and Heyes could finally breathe normally again.

Heyes knew his friend would adore the gorgeous animal and was looking forward to seeing his expression once he laid eyes on him.


Heyes saw the familiar form appear as the sun set, and raised his hat in greeting, happiness bursting out of him at the sight.

It'd been long months since a pointless argument that he couldn't remember clearly, had led to Kid riding away angry, mere weeks after they'd finally been awarded their holy grail.

But then ten days ago, the telegram that had made everything all right again had arrived. “Coming Home. JC.”

A broad grin spread across his face when he clearly heard a joyful 'Heyes' as his partner spurred his horse into a canter and rode towards him.

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