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Midweek Recap: The McCreedy Bust G.G.G

Lol they've had a row- old married couple anyone?

And Kid was right! (You noticing this Heyes?)

Thirty men?

Snorts invite the whole town!

Sell tickets.

(Funny boys, funny.)

I do love the Kid's 'a piece' Always makes me laugh.

What on earth is that song? Though now its in my head. (don't be late...) Grr.

Kid's coat sure is grubby!

Peaceable town huh?

I do like that drunk dude!

Great subtlety and tact. Snorts. They stare!

"Think we're a couple of sod-busters, and start staring at us."

Stay outta trouble huh? Why does that feel like foolproof?

Oh dear, don't like him, not at all.

Gosh darn it, Kid looks pretty- um where was I? Oh yes. Not great this. I think you shoulda stayed in your room!

LOL. I think the guy is hitting the Kid's 'kill' button.

"He knows who he is, now we know too," (Great line there, Heyes.)

Heyes looks kinda nervous, think he's wondering what Kid is gonna do! I hate Briggs!

That hotel conversation is both funny and quite sad in some ways. Splitting up was never an option, Kid!

Remember Heyes, a hungry Kid is an irritable one!

"I don't know how to jig."

Heyes is so not helping!

Oh god that jig, Kid.....

Oh the pain, they look shell-shocked.

Aww, Spencer- Heyes snorting into his beer-lol.

"Big dogs just lick his hands."

Heyes is so mean! Kid looks hurt. (I'm putting it down to Heyes being annoyed that Kid is being so darn stubborn.)

Seth is sweet (dumber than a box of rocks, but sweet.) I do like the boys sunning themselves. Very pretty :)

LOL that card trick- oh Heyes you're too funny!

"Don't spoil the vibrations." (what year are we again 1882 or 1972?)

Nice view over by that well!

Oh god, not that jig again!

Why do asshat bullies always have hench bullies? Ass. Damn I'd shoot him!

Oh my toes just curled! Even Heyes is feeling it!

Oh no Spencer has a hero! Poor, Kid!

I love Spencer poor guy!

Kid looks moved and they really do look tired, must be all those early morning rides to the well and the jigging! Tire me out all that stress.

Nice rear side view there.

Love Kid crouching down as Heyes taking his gun- such a great scene!

Poor sweet Seth! Those boys are funny!

"I signed yours." Oh Heyes!

Snorts, food on his mind- no budging him now.

"YES!" Heyes sure knows his partner!

"Turning into some prima donna."

LOL, Heyes sure is sharp today!

I love how even when he's really p****ed at his partner, Heyes still backs him!

Yay, here it comes. Ba boom, ba boom.

Wow Kid is still trying, even when he is close to the edge of his endurance!

"If not for me, for him."

Sniff, the pressure, can feel the tension. I hate, Briggs.

I love how the tension just builds to a crescendo then boom!

Kid's speech to Spencer is just perfect! So well delivered. Anger, frustration and maybe even some disappointment at himself. Just plain wonderful! And Spencer's reaction. Plain perfection! Just perfection.

Phew yay, Spencer! I love that conversation and those smiles, especially Kid's Sigh.

Mac, you're an idiot! A big annoying, blooming idiot! The boys all spruced up. quite pretty!

$1200 is awful cheap!

Oops, Armendariz, surely knows how to make an entrance!

Oh those poor boys!

What a brilliant episode! So, so good. :) Loved it.

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Aug 31, 2023

This in one of my 6 0r 7 favorite episodes. You just naturally don't like Briggs from his first shot on screen. I love the fight scene in the hotel room, Kid is so earnest, 'before breakfast"? Yeah, I like the scene where Heyes takes Kid's gun from his holster and how he stands up without using his hands. It was great having Armendariz show up at the auction. Loved, loved this episode. Also loved Reverend Spencer, Kid's speech at the end was really good and delivered with emotion and after thinking it over Spencer could see that he, Kid, was right.

Aug 31, 2023
Replying to

In my notes I am sure I mentioned something about Kid's before breakfast line, but when I was writing it up couldn't find it lol. Thank you for commenting on my recaps :)

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