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More than a drabble not quite a ficlet!

Heyes stomped in to their hotel room as Kid was sat cleaning his gun, slammed the door shut behind him, before waving a sheet of paper under the Kid’s nose with a sound of disgust. Kid wondering what on earth had got his partner all riled up, peered over at the him, craning to read and his eyes widened as he saw what it was. “Where the hell did ya get that Heyes?”

But as he tried to grab the wanted poster, Heyes strode away from him to the centre of the room, still holding it, as he said with great indignation. “Don’t matter, Kid, but how did that…that big lunk get to be worth the same as me?”

“You, Heyes?”

At the Kid’s raised eyebrow, to a humph of satisfaction from his partner, Heyes quickly amended it to.” Us.” Before continuing his rant. “I tell ya, Kid, there just ain’t no real finesse out there no more, or he’d never be worth this much!”

As paced the hotel room Heyes waved the sheet in the Kid’s direction ever more indignantly as he said in frustrated irritation. “It’s almost enough to tempt me back into the business, it’s an insult. We were the best; Wheat is just a cocky idiot, with big ideas, that he ain’t got the brains to execute!”

The Kid strode over to him placing a heavy hand on his shoulder as he said firmly. “Now you just hold on there Heyes. We ain’t going back into the business, just ‘cos of your pride. Our bounties go any higher we won’t have the devil’s own chance of survivin’ till whichever idiot is in charge gives us what we were promised. Hell, Heyes, its hard enough as it is.”

Heyes snorted, then blew out a breath as he crumpled the wanted poster into a ball before tossing it in the trash can with a sigh. “You’re right, Kid, you’re probably right.” But after a slight pause, he turned to look at his partner as he said grumpily. “It still ain’t right. Wheat Carlson just ain’t that good!”

The Kid snorted. “He sure ain’t, Heyes, but since we got outta the business the field kinda opened up some.”

Heyes looked up with a slightly embarrassed smile. “You think I’m overreacting don’t ya.”

The Kid grinned and said. “I’m thinking maybe if good ole Wheat has got a reward on him, the same size as ours, maybe some of them lawmen and bounty hunters might be looking his way rather than ours, and we oughta be celebrating rather than worrying.”

A broader grin spread across, Heyes’ face as he looked over at his partner. “Ya know, Kid, it don’t happen often, but I gotta admit you have a point there.”

Kid looked over at him, his face showing clearly that he wasn’t quite sure if he’d been insulted, then shrugged. “C’mon Heyes, I’m hungry and for once we ain’t broke.”

Heyes snorted, and as the Kid strode towards the room door, gave the trash can a glance as he smiled, then as together, he and his partner headed out for a steak dinner each, he muttered. “Ten thousand dollars, outlawing sure ain’t what it used to be.”

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Oct 12, 2023

Loved it. It sure bothers Heyes that Wheat could have the same reward as him, oh him and Kid and that is understandable, But Kid doyes have some good points, just maybe Wheat will draw some of the attention away from them. Kid just needs to keep talking and get Heyes back on track.

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