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Newspapers for 'Broken Dreams'

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Kid Curry charged with murder of his wife.

Less than three years after he and his partner Hannibal Heyes were controversially awarded amnesty by then Wyoming Governor Francis Warren, to nobody’s surprise the notorious Kid Curry, once again finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

After he was let off his many crimes, without serving a single day in jail, the ex-outlaw settled in Fountain, where he ensnared and quickly married a local girl: Emma (23), the youngest daughter of William Carstairs, a well-connected and wealthy rancher. There is surely no question that he married her for something other than love.

The population of Fountain, justifiably uneasy with his presence in their town, have been saddened but unsurprised that such a marriage has only ended in tragedy for the innocent young woman.

Kid Curry claims he found the body of his wife in the early hours of last Wednesday. He reported her death to the sheriff, ridiculously claiming it must have been an accident. Sheriff James Blanding, a decorated veteran of the war between states, was naturally unconvinced by such a feeble story and arrested him a few hours later.

It has been reported by numerous people in the town, that Curry and his wife had been seen arguing on the day of her death. In fact, this reporter has discovered many observers who recalled that this was not the first time that they had been witness to a disagreement between the ruthless gunslinger and his wife.

It is highly likely that Kid Curry and death are on intimate terms, so killing his wife no doubt appeared to be a good way to end a no longer advantageous marriage.

October 1885. Kid Curry (standing) and Hannibal Heyes after being awarded their freedom. (Courtesy Wyoming Governor's Office.)

Jedediah Curry exonerated in the vicious killing of his wife.

Jedediah Curry (35), formally known as Kid Curry, was cleared of murdering his wife in dramatic fashion two days ago.

The real culprit was revealed to be William Jenkins (21), the son of one of the wealthy long-term residents of Fountain. Indeed, in a strange irony, his father Gabriel was a founder member of the town’s Vigilance Committee. After a bruising time on the stand, Wednesday morning, young Jenkins took his own life in the early hours of Thursday, leaving a note that revealed he was responsible for the brutal murder of Emma Curry (25).

Murderer William Jenkins.

Gabriel Jenkins

Gabriel Jenkins (59) presented the note to the presiding judge not long before the final arguments were to be presented and confirmed it to be a wholly truthful account. After which he was arrested by Sheriff Blanding for his own part in attempting to transfer the blame onto Mr. Curry.

While in Fountain, reporting on the trial, it was with some reluctance that I found myself warming to the notorious ex-outlaw. It became clear to me that he had in fact deeply loved his wife and was in some shock over her loss. Thomas Giles, his competent and well-prepared lawyer, expertly exposed the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

Though at times it was obvious how and why Mr. Curry had earned his fearsome reputation, he mostly came across as a decent man sincerely committed to providing for his family in an honest manner. It felt to this reporter that it was in fact the people of Fountain who were the problem, many unwilling to accept that a man can change. A revelation that sits rather uneasily with me. Indeed I am now uncomfortably reminded of the trilogy of parables, that teach us about the importance of forgiving those who choose to return to the path of righteousness after losing their way.

This reporter repeatedly attempted to speak to Mr. Curry and was blocked at every turn by his equally notorious partner Hannibal Heyes. This proved a real frustration, but certainly confirmed the oft-reported bond between the two men.

Thomas Giles Esq.

Curry's well connected and highly competent lawyer.

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