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Recap Weekend'Everything Else You Can Steal'

What is it about crooked bankers? Those poor boys. (Bas****)

Aww our weary travelers. Snorts nice bit of sarcasm there, Heyes. (Gosh darn it, what a view.)

"Turn ourselves in." (Kid really is on a bit of a downer today.) "Believe in omens." I actually like Sheriff W.D Coffin. (all right Kid, you've made your point- 300 miles up north)

"You're bounty hunters, go hunt your bounty." Touche Sheriff, touche.

(Well, actually those boys were more like about ten years too young to be our heroes. But hey who's checking huh?) Aww, Kid.

"Get a drink first, then head to Mexico.' (Like your priorities there Heyes.)

"Smith and Jones, couldn't do any better than that?" Kid's response is cute.

I adore Jenny so much. Heyes is so sweet with her.

Damn the Kid looks tired.

Pierce and Hamilton huh!

I don't like Blodgett much. Bleugh.

Gosh darn the boys look good!

"Robbed your own bank."

"Telling us to leave, doesn't change our professional opinion."

Heyes is very sardonic this episode. I like it. Though his silver tongue is also in full evidence, with the Kid playing the heavy. Well played boys

"She's innocent."

(which brain are you thinking with Kid?) Play nice boys-lol.

Kid, not a coin flip, c'mon now, you know you never win them!

Snorts, poor boy. (those pesky horny kitties.) Ouch, that had to hurt! Another lovely view there. (sleepy boy.)

Love the Kid rambling away as he falls asleep. And that quilt. (oh squishes the two tough outlaws- can you be any more adorable?)

"I'm Smith, the Kid is Jones." I love Jenny.

At least our watcher is a little more awake tonight.

Heyes is gloriously sarky in this one! I like him.

Hmm, that hat is kinda shiny Kid! Sheriff Coffin is good. Rightly suspicious. "You can't even speak South American." Jenny is such a warm, appealing woman. Would like to know how the boys met her. (Two hungry youngsters just outta Valpo?)

Typical! First chance the Kid gets to sleep at night and Heyes wakes him up!

I do love that whole conversation. Little tidbit of information. Great summing up of the guys friendship. Louise is pretty.

Blake is a cold blooded murderer. Yuck, Louise, sweetie your taste in men is lousy.

Damn the boys are in form today.

"If Hannibal Heyes can't do it, no one can." (No danger of false modesty.)

I do feel kinda sorry for Louise, seeing her future drifting away.

"Wait till morning."

Louise surely played a blinder on the boys there and yep got it in two girl. Smart lady.

Heyes' comment about the husband was plenty cruel. Judgy ass, but at least he apologised.

Oh they look devastated. Aww Louise.

I really dislike the callous nature of the final scene. An odd bitter ending to a very enjoyable episode,


Excellent episode The boys are in great form All the guest characters are well done. Especially Jenny and Louise. Some wonderful scenery (cough) Yep, good episode.

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