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Recap Weekend: Something to Get Hung About

Okay, I have to preface this recap with a rather sad admission. I thought this episode was terrible! Not even the guest stars could save it.

The Kid was horribly Out of Character- chatty as all get out and way too surprised at Heyes' plan not working. Dumber than a box of rocks at times! Those scenes when he's wittering at Heyes when he's reading? Like a bored eight year old! Lived up to his name!

"I'll brain you with it." Kinda funny. Also why wouldn't Kid get a book of his own? We see him read when he's waiting.

Monte Markham did his best as did the woman playing Sarah, but jeez just no.

I do like the line about the alias. But it honestly felt like two episodes spliced together, badly.

"I really like you!" I swear could've bashed Kid for the amount of times he said that!

Heyes was mean...far too amused by watching Kid get seven bells kicked out of him. Not to mention the lack of continuity. Bruised and dirty, then once in the room absolutely pristine! Also why were they wearing the same clothes when a few days were meant to have passed?

Sarah's hair looked way too heavy! Her husband looked like he belonged in the 1970s....

And was sheriff what's his face in on the plan? If so why was Kid so worried?

I did like them eyeing their Wanted posters that was funny.

Some good lines but definitely not a favourite.

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