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Recap Weekend: The Men Who Corrupted Hadleyburg

"Will you cut it out?"

"Making me nervous."

That conversation just cracks me up. They are so very funny! What is the Kid doing? Must be something as they're making me nervous just watching them!


Jeez, you're such an idiot. I hope he's not truly indicative of a Bannerman Man, as otherwise the law abiding citizens of the West are in trouble, even with Heyes and the Kid retired! J.D Cannon is so so good as Briscoe- such a wonderfully weaselly performance. Perfect!

Woah, Kid you're a tad intimidating at times! Though, not when you smile, as you look about 16....

Fishing! Heyes' coffee- love the disgust in the Kid's tone.

Aww, love that 'way we went' conversation. Even though it is simply a rather heavy handed plot device, I still love it. Not after my folks were killed. Sniff. Wow, they were young when they pulled their first job, if we go by the 'five years' comment- the Kid was only 15.

Oh I love how they decide not to hurt Tommy Tapscott. Good boys. Pets. They are just adorable! Can I marry them? Snorts.

Oh, Kid you're a card! His comment about not insulting a lady's cooking when her husband is holding a gun on them. Giggles.

$4 million- holy!

Out of trouble, out of jail....yeah boys, how's that going?

I adore Heyes' little wave at Tommy as he leaves with his Ma, when the boys are in jail.

Oh Sheriff, man you're annoying! Just shush up now! The boys however are simply snuggable. A key to that lock.

Love the Kid's slightly helpless grin

"Soliciting bribes"(Is that Billy from Red Dog?)

"Reading too many dime novels."

"I can dream can't I?"

Good thing that deputy isn't paying attention! Not suspicious at all-nope!

"Powder's probably all wet!"

"Not going to use it, just going to point it."

"Hey Sheriff!"

Interesting Heyes holds the gun and the Kid does the tying.

Oh Harry, you're an ass.

"Must be why they call it Colorado Springs."

"Must be why he's called a client."

Oh boys, you're hilarious

I do like seeing Heyes gamble and the Kid's watchful demeanour. The outlaw team in action. Wonderful scenes. Harry is hopeless! $1000 yikes. Heyes is a show off, but man he does it well The Kid just a watching- such a brilliant team!

Nah, nah, nah BATMAN!

What a miserable old coot that judge is.

Poor boys, all that cash and they don't even get to keep it.

"KInda chokes you up."

"All the good we're doing?"

"No, all the money it's costing us."

Oh, Kid, bless you and your money loving heart Too funny.

"Prosecution rests."

"In my opinion it up and died."

Love it. Oh nice, Harry came through.

My own Summation!

The acting, aside from Harry and the boys is shocking.

Story is so much fun.

The boys are just so damn cute!

Oh that had me smiling.

"That's beautiful." Sums it up in many ways and that final scene as they ride out together is wonderful.


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